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The Service center has the necessary specialized service equipment

according to the standards of IVECO /repair channels, lifting equipment, specialized tools and equipment, measuring instruments and diagnostic equipment/. The team of service specialists has many years of proven experience in performing all types of repair operations. Diagnostics, car mechanics and electricians have been trained according to the requirements of IVECO, which guarantees the quality of the service and the repair of vehicles.

The Service provides the following services:

– warranty and out-of-warranty maintenance – quality equipment for changing oils, fluids and the used consumables are approved by IVECO.
– diagnostics – the diagnostic equipment of IVECO allows both the testing of the vehicle and the updating of the software and programming of electronic control panels.
– current and major repairs of engines – with the use of original and quality spare parts;
– transmission and chassis repairs;
– repairs of electrical equipment;
– air conditioning repairs;
– welding services.

The company provides 24-hour mobile service, for which it has a fully equipped service car.
The company offers subscription service at negotiated preferential prices and conditions.

Working hours:

Monday to Friday – from 8.00 to 18.00h;
Saturday – from 9.00 to 14.00h.

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